Reporting news with a Christian and patriotic perspective.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christian patriots to

  • Embrace the truth
  • Live the truth
  • Propogate the truth
  • Contend for the truth

Faith & Freedom Sentinal reports:

  • news suppressed and slanted by the establishment news media.
  • news that effects the rights, welfare and freedom of working, taxpaying citizens.
  • news that effects our Americal cultrual values as expressed by the Bible, Biblical and historical Christianity, and the Constitution of our Republic.

Faith & Freedom Sentinel exposes:

  • the enemies of God and country, faith and freedom, Bible and Constitution.
  • the enemies of faith and freedom, both domestic and foreign.
  • the enemies in the news media, military, religion, corporate business, banking and government service.
  • our outlaw (de facto) U.S. government and the United Nations, as the puppets of the plutocracy continue their quiet revolution, violating the constitutional rights of “we the people”, and subjugating us to the Sovietzed, Marxist global tyranny (New World Order) planned for us all.